REM Design

Tony Hawk Skateboarder


  • Mattel (Tyco R/C division)


  • Schematics for production
  • Code release for production
  • One fully integrated engineering model
  • Several integrated models and specially designed robust transmitters for Toy Fair 2001

The remotely controlled Tony Hawk Skateboarder toy uses proportional steering and drive and has a controllable twisting torso to enable it to perform realistic tricks. The twisting torso allows the skateboarder to right itself after a wipe-out. The skateboarder was the first Tyco R/C toy to use a microprocessor and was the lead Mattel R/C Boy’s Toy for Christmas 2001.

REM’s Role

REM developed the electronics and firmware, and contributed to the development of several of the mechanical and electromechanical subsystems. REM was also responsible for the electromechanical integration of the toy.

Electronic subsystems include power regulation, motor control, and communications. REM also managed the development of a new radio receiver. The electronic schematic and a bill of materials were delivered to Mattel’s overseas manufacturing division. Firmware tasks include PWM motor control, closed loop control on two actuators, and radio communications. Firmware was released directly to mask by REM.

REM’s role also included the development of custom electromechanical feedback sensors for servo control of the steering and twist motors.