REM Design




  • Gyrobike


  • Schematics
  • Gerbers
  • Electronics Bill of Materials
  • Code release
  • Manufacturing assembly and test documents
  • CAD database for several injection molded, sheet metal, sand cast, and machined parts

Gyrowheel is a revolutionary front wheel for children’s bikes that eliminates the need for training wheels. Inside Gyrowheel is a gyroscope which spins at up to 2000 RPM. The gyroscope creates an inertial stiffness which helps to stabilize the bike.  At the same time, it teaches correct riding technique (unlike training wheels).

REM’s Role

REM developed the all of the electronics, firmware and electromechanical components of Gyrowheel, and several of the mechanical components.  REM became involved with the project shortly after the concept was licensed by Gyrobike and brought it through product release of both the 12” and 16” Gyrowheel models.  REMs work included four trips to Gyrobike’s contract manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia to manage the manufacturing phase of the project.