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  • Glasspoint Solar


    Block diagrams, schematics, PCB gerber files, BOMs, source code, user manuals and system description documentation.

Glasspoint delivers solar steam for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).  By tracking the sun with large (10M x 60M) parabolic mirrors, water is turned into high pressure steam which is used to extract oil from wells which would otherwise be dry.  Glasspoint was the first to demonstrate solar EOR and can generate steam for less than the cost of natural gas without subsidy in many desert locations.

In the fall of 2015, Glasspoint broke ground what will be one of the largest solar plants in history.  The 1,021 megawatt “Miraah” plant will span 3 square kilometers and is located in Amal, Oman.

REM’s Role

REM led the development of the sun-tracking control system for the 1/4 acre demonstration site in McKittrick, California.  Tasks included system architecture, motor and sensor selection, custom electronics development, visual studio application software written in C# on the .net platform, and system integration.
REM also developed a control and communications architecture and custom electronics for larger installations.